Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

June 2020

Doug Gaetz

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us into uncharted waters, the National H&S committee has been working very closely with the CRA national OSH office dealing with all issues related to the pandemic since the beginning of this crisis.

A daily conference call has taken place starting March 17, 2020 to present, with myself and my technical advisor, Mathieu Juneau, and David Walsh, Assistant Director, CRA National OSH Office, dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the related issues from this pandemic.

For the March 2020 National Health & Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC) meeting we replaced the regular meeting with a special Ad-Hoc meeting dealing strictly with the pandemic. The minutes should be out soon.

The June NHSPC meeting will also be replaced with an ad-hoc meeting dealing with the pandemic.

I would like to thank all the local OSH committees for their dedication and hard work during this unprecedented event. I know the work has increased two-fold for the committees and it’s greatly appreciated.

I would also like to thank my national UTE Health & Safety committee for the amount of work and commitment by everyone and especially my technical advisor, Mathieu Juneau, for all his advice and guidance through out this pandemic.

In consultation with the CRA we have had to develop or add to policies and procedures almost on a daily based as the pandemic continues.

We will also be working with the CRA to develop re-occupancy strategies and policies as we move forward.

Be safe everyone and together we will get through this.

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Gaetz
Chair of the Committee