Death of a Member

Death of a Member

How to assist the family

In the event of the death of a member, here is a list of items that would be useful for the member's family:

  • Coughlin & Associates Ltd - $10,000 Free life insurance to PSAC members; and additional Life Insurance policies members may have ; 1-800-216-1107
  • Employer, if the deceased was still working; Compensation Client Service Centre (CCSC); 1-866-549-3744 to apply for Supplementary Death Benefit and any other pay issues
  • Public Service Pension Centre - to cancel benefits if the deceased was a pensioner; to initiate spousal and/or survivor benefits; to apply for Supplementary Death Benefit (2 X annual salary, reduced by 10% for each year over 65 years of age); 1-800-561-7930
  • Service Canada - to cancel and apply for benefits under the Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) , including spousal, survivor and death benefits; to cancel Employment Insurance benefits (EI) and the Social Insurance Number (SIN);OAS and CPP 1-800-277-9914; EI and SIN 1-800-206-7218;
  • Québec Pension Plan (QPP) - to cancel and apply for benefits; 1-800-463-5185
  • Employee Assistance Plan - for grief counselling services- Various Regional EAP Coordinator / Counsellors

Other institutions that may need to be contacted, if applicable, to cancel accounts or change names on accounts:

  • Canada Revenue Agency - to file a final T1 tax return; and a Rights and Things Return and a T3 Estate Income Tax Return (if applicable); 1-800-959-8281;
  • Canada Revenue Agency - to cancel Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB) and/or Universal Child Care Benefits (UCCB) ; Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax Credits (GST/HST); and Working Income Tax Benefits advance payments (WITB); CCTB/UCCB 1-800-387-1193; GST/HST 1-800-959-1953;  WITB 1-800-959-8281;
  • Canada Savings Bonds (CSB) - to transfer or redeem CSBs of deceased owners; 1-800-575-5151
  • Banks, Credit Unions, Caisses populaires - all financial institutions where the deceased had accounts or dealings
  • Private Life Insurance Companies - for various life insurance policies that may apply
  • Veteran’s Affairs Canada - if the deceased was an ex-service person, to cancel and apply for benefits; 1-866-522-2122
  • Doctors, caregivers and health care organizations;
  • Canada Post - to redirect or hold mail;
  • Provincial Property Tax Offices;
  • Home Insurance Companies;
  • Provincial Vehicle Registries;
  • Vehicle Insurance Companies;
  • Utility Companies - cable television; telephone; gas; electric companies;
  • Clubs, Organizations, Services - that the deceased was a member of.