Well-Being Committee

Well-Being Committee

Each and every one of us at some point in our life encounter personal problems. Some problems may be minor in nature and short-term, others far more serious and much more difficult to resolve. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to leave these difficulties at home.  Personal problems may affect your attitude or performance at work, and have a negative impact on your co-workers.  This, in turn, can create a vicious circle where an uncomfortable work environment adds to an already heavy personal burden.

That’s why access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - with its skilled, knowledgeable and  confidential advice - benefits those in need, their co-workers and the employer. 

The aim and objectives of this UTE committee are to promote the welling being of our membership though monitoring of the EAP services and the conflict resolution program offered by the CRA. We consult with the CRA, monitor these programs and urge improvements, as necessary.

Our goal is to ensure that our members have access to a highly confidential and professional services.

The National Well-Being Committee plays an active role in our consultations with the CRA.  It strives to ensure quality and professional services are available to our members at all times.

CRA/UTE Minutes