Health and Safety Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should the review of Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Reports, Form T4009, be a standing item on the WPHSC agenda?
  2. Could the review of Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Reports be included in the WPHSC’s terms of reference?
  3. Who is responsible to sign the T4009 in the section identified for the WPHSC?
  4. When should the WPHSC be notified that a T4009 has been filled out?
  5. Could the requirement that the employer must request that the WPHSC participate in all inquiries be included in the WPHSC’s Terms of Reference?
  6. Should WPHSCs all have copies of the COHSR; Health and Safety - Operations Program Directives (OPDs); Occupational Health and Safety - Interpretations, Policies and Guidelines (IPGs)?
  7. Should the WPHSC members receive an implementation guide for Parts XIX and XX of the COHSR and training from regional HR?
  8. Should WPHSC members feel pressured by their supervisor or any employer representative when they ask for paid leave to perform their duties?
  9. Can a WPHSC have members that report to different employers?
  10. Should First Aid Committees or first aiders respond to enquiries from the WPHSC?
  11. Does the employer have to ensure that there is a person assigned to take the WPHSC minutes?  Can it be a WPHSCe member?
  12. Once, we have received Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training when is the employer required to retrain us?
  13. How does the WPHSC inspect restricted access areas in the work place? (e.g. Enforcement)
  14. Does the WPHSC inspect areas that the employer identifies as not being under their control? (e.g. Boiler room, HVAC room, storage rooms, etc.)
  15. If the employer stores what could be hazardous or controlled products in the workplace, how should this be addressed?
  16. When the employer takes the position that the fire extinguishers in the workplace are not required by law should they be inspected by the WPHSC?
  17. Are household products in the workplace required to be identified? (e.g. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS))
  18. When Health and Safety training is given, can a non-excluded employee be the employer representative?
  19. If scaffolding is used at the workplace, are there any requirements that address this?