Honours and Awards Committee

Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

September 2016

Denis Lalancette

The committee members met July 12 to 15, 2016. In attendance were Sister Gesine Campbell, Brother Wayne Little and Denis Lalancette, as well as Sister Louise Dorion, a UTE staff member.  Since this is my final report of the Honours and Awards Committee as well as my final action with the UTE, I would like to thank the committee members and the staff who have worked on this committee for their excellent work, involvement, dedication and integrity. I also thank all the members of the Executive Council for their friendship and complicity throughout my involvement with this Union which, by the way, is the best.

The committee members dealt with various agenda topics listed below:

  1. Deadline for the Betty Bannon Award.
  2. Application for the Godfroy Côté Award
  3. UTE scholarships
  4. Referral from the Executive Council about the matter of long service of 40 years or more.

1)   The committee members discussed various options for reducing the time needed for issuing this award. The members expressed various options and agreed to carry this topic forward to the next committee meeting.

2)   The committee members agreed to award the Godfroy Côté Award of Merit to an active UTE member. (See recommendation no. 1.)

3)   The committee members awarded the 2 national scholarships and the 10 regional scholarships for the year 2016 to the following list of recipients:

Regional scholarships

Van der Merwe, Julia                 N.E. Ontario Region
BALAKRISHAN, Pyravi              S.W. Ontario Region (Nick Stein Scholarship)
MURPHY, Mikaela                     Atlantic Region (Al Rollins Scholarship)
APPASSAMY, Navida                Prairies Region
KO, Nayeon Laura                    Pacific Region
DUFOUR, Claudia                    Montreal Region (Jean Bergeron Scholarship)
HO, Andrew                              Rocky Mountains Region (Don Davoren Scholarship)
ZEKRY, Yasmeen                      National Capital Region
GAUDREAULT, Lisa                  Quebec Region
HAUGHTON, Mackenzie           Greater Toronto Region

National scholarships

RIVERA, Alyssa                               Greater Toronto Region (Diana Gee Scholarship)
LARIVIÈRE, Kayla                           Prairies Region

NB: The committee members lament the fact that there are still too many applications that have to be refused. Follow-up will be done at a subsequent committee meeting to look into whether modifications could diminish this problem.

4)  The committee members dealt with the referral from the Executive Council about recognizing members who have reached 40 or more years of service within the UTE. (See recommendation no. 2.)

Recommendation no. 1

The Honours and Awards Committee recommends, based on Regulation 24.4, that ……to come…….   receive the Godfroy Côté Award of Merit.

Recommendation no. 2

The Honours and Awards Committee recommends adopting the new Regulation 24 ?? For long service of 40 years or more.

NEW 24. ?


24. ? A certificate and an award shall be issued annually to people who have served the membership in the union for a period of 40 years or more. Such certificate and award shall be issued at the recommendation of a Local or an Executive Council Member.

24. ?

a) The certificate for long service of 40 years or more is a document bearing an appropriate dedication.

b) The award should be one of the following: a pin, a ring or a watch.  All awards issued must bear the UTE logo.

24. ?? Presentation

This certificate and award shall be presented at a Local annual general meeting (AGM), a Presidents’ Conference or a National Conference by a Local President, Executive Council Member or Chairperson of the Honours and Awards Committee, wherever feasible.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis Lalancette, former Chair
Honours and Awards Committee

Proposed by Wayne Little, President