Minutes of the Executive Council

August 22, 2016

Via Conference call 

Bob Campbell                                          Marc Brière
Madonna Gardiner (by phone)                Jérôme Martel (by phone)
Daniel Camara (by phone)                       Ken Bye (by phone)
Doug Gaetz (by phone)                           Bill Blair (by phone)
Jamie vanSydenborgh (by phone)           Cosimo Crupi (by phone)
Gary Esslinger (by phone)                       Greg Krokosh (by phone)
Wayne Little (by phone)                           Dale Robinson, Regional Offices Branch
Annette Melanson

  1. Bob updated Council with the details of the settlement and reviewed the PSAC Vote Meeting Guidelines. These Guidelines will be sent to Council and Locals later today;
    Meetings and votes will be held across the regions between August 29 – October 12;
    Vote results to be sent to PSAC by noon October 13;
    Announcement of vote results: later in the day October 13;
    Locals and Regional Offices will coordinate meeting dates;
    Bargaining Team members to be present at each vote will be coordinated by the National Office. RVPs who are not Team members may attend meetings in their own regions, where their schedules permit, but their presence is not mandatory. UTE will cover costs for RVPs to attend these meetings;
    Dates/locations and speakers will be posted on the websites as they are confirmed;
    Speaker’s notes will be available by end of day August 23 and will be sent to all Council and the Team.   
  2. Bob and Marc are to record new videos to be posted to the UTE website this week.
  3. Please do not get into Facebook posts. Refer members’ questions to the Locals, RVPs, and then back to Brother Morgan Gay and Sister Gardiner if necessary, who will coordinate questions and answers. The PSAC has prepared a Qs and As section that has been posted to both PSAC and UTE websites.
  4. Bargaining Grievances will continue to be held in abeyance until the results of the ratification vote are known.
  5. Boycott of Union-Management Consultations- remains status quo until the results of the ratification vote are known.  Even then, a change in this position can only be affected by a resolution to Executive Council, since the boycott was that body’s decision.