Report of the Honours and Awards Committee

Honours and Awards Committee
Report of the Honours and Awards Committee
December 2015

Denis Lalancette

The members present, Gesine Campbell, Wayne Little, Denis Lalancette and Louise Dorion, staff member, met on November 5 to choose the member and the student who will travel to Cameroon with the ICA in accordance with Regulation 24.10.

The committee received 2 applications for students of which one did not meet the age requirement.  The student Daryja-Hill from Local 70010 was selected to receive the subsidy in order to go to Cameroon in accordance with Regulation 24.10.1.  The committee received 3 applications for members and the committee decided to name Sister Vicki-Lynn Smith to receive the subsidy to go to Cameroun according to Regulation 24.10.2.

The members of the committee decided on an Al Lough Award recipient in accordance with Regulation 24.2 and created the certificate to be given to future recipients of this award. They also awarded a Life Membership to Brother Sabri Khayat in accordance with Regulation 24.5. This recommendation was adopted by the Executive Council members. 

The recommendation for this award and honours is indicated below in this report.

As provided in Regulation 24.4:

Recommendation No. 1

Pursuant to Regulation 24.2, the Committee recommends that Brother Herb Osborne from the Barrie Local receives the Al Lough Award.

Respectfully submitted,


Denis Lalancette,
Chair of the Committee