By-Laws Committee

Minutes of the By-Laws Committee Meeting

September 1, 2015

In attendance:

Daniel Camara

Acting Chairperson

Ken Bye


Wayne Little

Michelle Neill


Presidents’ Representative

Kent MacDonald

Technical Advisor

1. Review of the previous minutes.

The committee reviewed the minutes of the November 25-26, 2013 meeting: No errors or omission were found.

2. Referral from the June 2015 Council meeting : Reg. 26

The committee reviewed and discussed the proposed amendments to Regulation 26.  Based on the discussion,  the Brother Camara will  present  the proposed amendments as Committee Recommendation  #1. Brother Camara will ask that the proposed amendments be sent to the Executive Council prior to the scheduled September  2015 meeting.

3. Proposed amended Reg. 26.3.1 (4)

The committee reviewed  the regulation specifically around the words “timely fashion”. The committee is recommending a specific time period as opposed to the open ended “timely fashion”. This will be Recommendation # 2 presented to the September Executive Council.

4. Proposed new Reg. 26.4.1(16) and new Reg. 26.4.3(16)

The committee discussed the situation that there seems to be a lack of constitutional language around the authority of the President to action an allowed Appeal of a disciplinary decision. The committee is suggesting language which should correct this conundrum. These will be recommendations  #3 and #4 presented to the September 2015 Executive Council.

5. Regulation 24.8

The committee was made aware that the French and English version did not match. Upon review, the committee realized that in the English version, a bullet on page 47 was out of place and should have been on page 46. Brother MacDonald will speak with Sister Labrie to have this error corrected.

6. Review of the June 2015 Executive Council minutes.

The committee reviewed the approved regulations changes from the June 2015 Executive Council. It was noted that the addition of a new Reg.13.10 was not in the standard format. Brother MacDonald will speak with Sister Labrie  to ensure the new regulation is formatted correctly.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:45pm.