Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

March 2014

Doug Gaetz

The National H&S Policy Committee met Feb 20, 2014. The minutes will be posted to UTE & Info Zone when completed.
Some of the issues the committee are dealing with include but not limited to, a review of the training course the employer provides to all CRA committee members, which the union will/is fully participating.

Another area that is being reviewed and for which we have set up a working group, which I sit on, is the Physiological Health & Safety in the Workplace Standards. It was agreed that OSH would take the lead on this with input from EAP and other stake holders within CRA. At present, there is a gap analysis being completed on all policies related to the health & safety of CRA employees. This could take up to a year to complete.
It is worth noting that at present CRA is the only Federal Government department that has taken up this commitment to the Standard, as it is only voluntary standard at this time. 

I also would like to thank Pierre Mulvihill for all his contributions and commitment as the Technical Advisor to this committee for the last number of years. We wish him nothing but success in his new employment. Thank you Pierre for all the advice you have provided to me over the years personally.

I would also welcome Andrea Holmes as interim LRO to the committee and look forward to working with her. 

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Gaetz
Chair of the Committee