Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

December 2017

Doug Gaetz

The next scheduled meeting of the National Health & Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC) is scheduled for Nov 29, 2017. 

There has been a change in the employee co-chair for the NHSPC. Doug Mason has stepped down from this role but remains a member of the committee and has been replaced by myself. I look forward to this role and the responsibilities that come with this position. I would like to thank Doug Mason for his considerable contributions to the committee in the role as employee co-chair for the last number of years and look forward to his continue involvement on the committee as a member. 

Our joint working group of union and management has been meeting continuously to finalize the policy documents and procedure on workplace violence and am happy to report that we have come to an agreement on the outstanding issues that is acceptable to all parties involved. This will be discussed at the upcoming NHSPC meeting and hopefully will get the final approval from the committee to proceed to the next step and get it into the field as soon as we practically can. 

Just a reminder to all Local Health and Safety Committees to ensure you are doing your due diligence by doing monthly inspections at all your locations: the Canada Labour Code states twelve inspections per year are required, along with the required nine committee meetings per year, as outlined in the code. 

I thank all committees for their work ensuring the health and safety of all employees from Canada Revenue Agency. 

Respectfully submitted,

Doug Gaetz
Chair of the Committee