We’re Getting Ready to Bargain

April 17, 2018

Our negotiating team is in place. Our first dates are set.

Earlier this year members of the UTE Collective Bargaining Committee reviewed bargaining proposals submitted by locals and members throughout Canada. With the Negotiating Team now in place and dates set for the Negotiating Team to meet with our PSAC Negotiator and finalize our demands, our union proposed dates to commence bargaining in May (next month).

The Agency indicated that it would not be ready to commence negotiations until June. Consequently we have now confirmed collective bargaining dates with CRA for the weeks of June 18th and July 2nd. The parties are also set to discuss potential dates in late summer and into the fall. 

Our union is committed to improving our working conditions at CRA and to fighting to protect the hard-won gains in our current contract.

Together, we can make Canada Revenue Agency a better place to work.

Once the bargaining process gets underway and we have exchanged demands with CRA, we will be posting on the web both our proposals and those of the employer.  If you have any questions speak with your Shop Steward, a member of our bargaining team or your UTE Regional Vice President. 

Look for more updates as things progress. Also be sure to visit: http://psacunion.ca/canada-revenue-agency or https://www.ute-sei.org/en/bargaining for more information.

PSAC/UTE members at Canada Revenue Agency 
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