PSAC/UTE continue pursuit of a fair collective agreement with the CRA

“The tentative collective agreement settlements reached by the federal Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency with some federal unions this week will not stand in the way of proper compensation for PSAC/UTE members who work for the CRA”, says PSAC National President Chris Aylward. 

“Negotiations with the CRA are at impasse and, despite the Agency’s objections, the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board is establishing a Public Interest Commission to review the positions of the parties and make recommendations, says UTE National President Marc Brière. 

“We are prepared to go back to the bargaining table, but the CRA must show it is prepared to address the important concerns of our members including compensation, work-life balance and working conditions in call centres,” said Brière. 

After almost a year of negotiations, the Agency continues to insist on concessions and refused to table wages when the parties met in mediation. 

Our bargaining team is interested in collective agreement improvements, not rollbacks,” said UTE 2nd National Vice-President Adam Jackson. 

“There are serious problems at CRA that need resolving, including issues related to scheduling and the fact that a great many of our members spend years at the Agency as terms and are never provided the opportunity for permanent employment. This needs to change,” concluded Brière. 

The PSAC-UTE bargaining team is committed to achieving a fair contract—one that protects hard-fought gains and secures new rights and protections for PSAC-UTE members. 

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