Mourning 3 years without a contract

Black ribbon with UTE logo symbol of mourning 3 years without a contract

Today, October 31, 2019 marks 3 years since YOUR contract expired.

In order to mark this unfortunate anniversary, we are providing our members with a solidarity pin to wear to send a clear message to the CRA that we are all very frustrated with the way the negotiations are going so far and that our patience has reached its limit.

There is absolutely no reason for negotiations to take this long and it is due time for the employer to come back to the bargaining table with a clear mandate to address the important issues that we raised on behalf of our members and to provide them with a compensation package that reflects the hard work that they perform.

We ask that you wear the pin with pride in the workplace to show that you want the negotiations to resume as soon as possible.

Three years is three years too long!

We all need to show our support for our bargaining team.

Marc Brière's signature
Marc Brière
UTE National President
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Adam Jackson
UTE 2nd National Vice-President