Election 2015 Message from our National President

October 20, 2015

To:    -   Executive Council Members
         -   Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
         -   Local Presidents

Yesterday the Canadian people spoke out in record numbers and made a collective decision. Today, we have a new government, and while we are not certain what that means at this time, we do have hope. The victorious party stated during the campaign that they respected the public service and that they believe in free collective bargaining. We are hoping to be in contact with the CRA in the very near future, to start the process of returning to the table to have meaningful negotiations in the hopes of coming to a fair and reasonable settlement for the members of UTE.

The UTE believes in the democratic process and would like to congratulate all those that have been elected to represent the Canadian public.  We are proud employees of the CRA and we work hard to provide proper and efficient services to the public.

Please show support for your bargaining team so they can sit down and negotiate a contract that we have all waited for so long.

If we stand together, we can be treated with respect and can be compensated in the fair manner we deserve.

In Solidarity,

Robert Campbell's signature

Robert Campbell
National President, UTE