Life Member, Betty Bannon

Honours and Awards Committee
Life Member, Betty Bannon

Sister Bannon was awarded Life Membership at the 2005 UTE Triennial Convention.

Union Involvement
Betty first became a union activist in 1972. She held numerous positions in both the Belleville and Toronto Locals until she was elected Regional Vice-President for Central Ontario (Toronto) in 1981. Betty was later elected to the position of 2nd National Vice-President, then 1st National Vice-President, which she held from 1989 to 1999. Betty was then elected National President of the Union of Taxation Employees in July 1999 and was re-elected to the same position in July 2002, July 2005 and July 2008. She was the first woman to hold that position. Betty was currently the longest serving member of the UTE National Executive when she retired after the 2011 Convention.

UTE National Committees
Betty was Chairperson of the Executive Committee and over the years had been Chairperson of the UTE Finance, Staffing, By-Laws, Harassment and the Health and Safety Committees. She also sat on the Workforce Adjustment Committee and was a member of the PSAC - CCRA Negotiating Team. She was also the Co-chair of the CRA OSH Policy Committee and a member of several PSAC Standing Committees.

Before becoming National President, Betty was employed at the Toronto Tax Services Office, as well as the Belleville Tax Services Office from 1972.

Betty planned to take time to rest and relax after the 2011 Convention.  She then would like to take woodworking and photography courses.  Her and her husband Dan also enjoy fishing, playing with Charly & Bella (dog), riding their ATVs and have been known to enjoy a beer or two on a hot sunny day on their deck.  She will also be spending plenty of time in her yard tending the several gardens that are around their new home in Belleville, Ontario while Dan cuts the grass with his new toy, a ride around lawn tractor.