1. There shall be fourteen (14) Standing Committees:
    1. Bargaining, By-Laws, Staffing, Technological Change, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Well-Being, Finance, Honours and Awards, Workforce Adjustment, Communications, Political Action, Call Centres and Union Management Approach (UMA).

    2. Each Standing Committee with the exception of the Bargaining Committee, Staffing Committee and Workforce Adjustment Committee (WFA) will have one (1) President’s Representative.  The Bargaining and WFA Committees will each have two (2) President’s Representatives; one from a TSO and one from a TC.  The Staffing Committee will have three (3) President’s Representatives; one from a TSO, one from a TC and one from a Call Centre.  All Presidents’ Representatives shall be elected in accordance with By-Law 8 Section 1 (g).

    3. For the purpose of voting for these positions, the following Locals are considered to be Tax Centres:

      Summerside 90006
      St. John’s 90000
      Surrey 20029
      Jonquière 10004
      Shawinigan 10005
      Winnipeg 50031
      Sudbury TC 00042
      Ottawa Technology Centre 70030
      Winnipeg Compensation Client Service Centre 50032
      ITSO 70009

    4. For the purpose of voting for the Call Centre positions, the following Locals are considered to be Call Centres: 

      St. John’s TSO 90001
      Saint John 60005
      Montreal 10008
      Toronto North 00048
      Hamilton 00014
      Ottawa Technology Centre 70030
      Calgary Call Centre 30022
      Edmonton 30025
      Pacific Region Call Centre 20050
      Surrey TC 20029
      Shawinigan TC 10005

  2. There shall be Ad Hoc Committees as they are required.

  3. Meetings will normally be held in the National Capital Region.

  4. A minimum of one Executive Council Officer shall sit on each Committee.

  5. When a Committee Chairperson is unable to fulfil their duties for a temporary period of time the President shall:

    1. have the authority to appoint the other Executive Council Officer sitting on the Committee as the Interim Chairperson; and

    2. assign the Chairperson’s Alternate RVP to the Committee for the same period of time.

  6. If the position of Local President’s representative on a Committee becomes vacant, that position shall be filled in accordance with By-Law 8, Section 1 (1) (g) (v).

  7. Each Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairperson or the Interim Chairperson a minimum of once in a three (3) year term.

  8. The Chairperson or the Interim Chairperson determines the duration and method of approach to resolve the business before the Committee in consultation with the President.

  9. Committee meetings shall be an authorized UTE expense.

  10. No meetings with the CRA officials shall be held without the authorization of the Executive Council, Executive Committee or the President.

  11. The Committees of UTE take heed to both official languages.

Adopted September 1978 Amended December 1996 Amended July 2014
Amended May 1979 Amended September 1999 Amended December 2014
Amended August 1981 Amended September 2000 Amended June 2015
Amended July 1984 Amended December 2003 Amended December 2016
Amended September 1986 Amended July 2005 Amended September 2017
Amended September 1987 Amended December 2007 Amended December 2018
Amended September 1989 Amended July 2011 Amended December 2019
Amended December 1989 Amended September 2012  
Amended September 1992 Amended December 2013