Political Action Committee

Minutes of the Political Action Committee

January 19-20, 2017

In attendance:

Jamie vanSydenborgh, Chair
Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chair 
Brad Feraday, Presidents’ Representative
Annette Melanson, Technical Advisor

The committee dealt with the following items, regarding our current political lobbying campaign:

  1. Developed a covering letter to be sent to members, outlining the key themes of the lobbying we are asking them to discuss with their MPs;
  2. Developed Speaker’s notes to assist the members in lobbying their MPs;
  3. Reviewed the documents and links we would like to see posted on the Campaigns section of the UTE website and/or as a ‘Toolbox” on the Committee’s page of the website;
  4. Decided that the Committee will present itself at the March Presidents’ Conference, to review the campaign with the participants.