By-Laws Committee

Report of the By-Laws Committee

June 2016

Daniel Camara

The By-Law Committee reviewed the referral from the National President to propose the following guidelines for the Political Action/Campaigns to be included in the UTE Regulations.  

After reviewing the guidelines, enclosed is the committee recommendation.

Recommendation #1

That new Regulation 31 be adopted as presented.

Regulation No. 31 - Guidelines for Funding Political Action/Campaigns

The Guidelines apply to request the conduct of Political Action or Campaigns submitted by a UTE Local, a Region, Executive Council or the National Office.


  1. A Local, a Region, Executive Council or the National Office may request funding to conduct a Political Action or Campaign.
  2. To request funding, a “proposal for funding” shall be submitted. The proposal should include:
    1. type of event/campaign;
    2. objective of the event/ campaign, including targeted audiences;
    3. date/timeline of the event/campaign;
    4. location of the event/campaign;
    5. estimate of number of members attending, if applicable;
    6. budget for the event/campaign should include, but not limited to, costs for travel, translation, loss of salary, per diems, rentals, materials, etc.
    7. amount requested;
    8. an outline of how the event or campaign is UTE specific;
    9. the name and the contact information of 1 (one) direct contact person.
  3. All proposals must get prior approval by both the President and the 1st Vice-President before the event occurs.
  4. A Local request shall be forwarded to their RVP, who will forward it to the President and 1st Vice-President. All other requests shall be forwarded directly to the President and 1st Vice- President.
  5. An advance may be requested prior to the event taking place. Such requests are subject to approval by both the President and the 1st Vice-President.
  6. Within thirty days of the event/ campaign, the requester shall provide a report to the President on how well the event/campaign went and an accounting of all monies spent, including receipts for reimbursement.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Camara
Chair of the Committee