Executive Committee

Minutes of the Executive Committee

January 15, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 1:40

Item 1: Legal costs (Greater Toronto Region, North York member)

Under discussion was the fact that the committee had previously passed a resolution in 1999 to authorize the hiring of a lawyer to handle a case for a member of the North York local. The original resolution had a cap on the authorized expenditure. It was expected that the RVP would monitor the work of lawyer within the cap as the National office was monitoring the actual expenditures. It has come to light that the work had not been monitored and neither the lawyer nor the local were aware of the cap.

In the future, it was agreed that the UTE would outline the details of any monetary liability and authorization to the lawyer involved, the RVP, the local and the member. It is apparent that the Minutes of the Executive Committee nor verbal instructions to the RVP is sufficient. We will also insist on regular billing and accounting for the work performed by any lawyer.

M/S Kent MacDonald/Denis Lalancette

Be it resolved that the UTE pay the outstanding legal bill to Stern & Landesman of $14,162.11.

Motion Carried

Item 2: President’s salary 2003

In accordance with Regulation 18.1.2(1)(b) ii) the Committee established the salary of the President based on the budget that was passed by the Convention.

M/S Kent MacDonald/Denis Lalancette

Be it resolved that the President’s salary be established at the second step effective July 20, 2002.

Motion carried

Item 3: Questionnaire distribution

The following are decisions made by the Committee:

  • Only members and “times out” members will receive the questionnaire (not Rands)
  • Extra copies will be provided to the locals in the appropriate language
  • The PSAC has been requested to provide the names and the type of Alternate format required for our members who have self identified
  • The covering letter would outline that the member should contact their local if they received the questionnaire not in the language of their choice
  • A schedule was discussed and agreed to in broad terms regarding what the National Office and Locals will do and when in regards to advertising, promoting, printing and mailing of the questionnaire to the membership. The locals will be required to do distribution, posting on bulletin boards, walk about and handing out reminders to the members. The National Office will provide all material to the locals and arrange for promotion of the questionnaire using the employer systems.

Item 4: Youth attendance at the Presidents’ Conference

The following was agreed to for the Presidents’ Conference:

  • There will be two caucuses run at the same time. One for the Presidents who will be addressing the issue of how to get the youth involved in the union and one for the youth who will be addressing what it will take for them to get involved in the union. After the caucuses, each will report back to the plenary session. Staff will be assigned to each caucus to compile the reports with the assistance of the participants. The preference is to have these caucuses on Friday morning with the reporting back after lunch.
  • There will be two speakers. Our preference is to have a PSAC Youth Committee member or staff member from the PSAC Youth Committee to talk to the Presidents about what the PSAC Youth Committee is doing. The second speaker should be a PSAC Youth Committee member who will speak to the youth delegates about their experience in the union and why they got involved.
  • There will be a 1½ hour social get together for the Youth delegates and the Executive Council held Thursday evening beginning at 5:30 pm. The intent is to have a one on one with the youth delegates and the Council members early into the Conference.
  • We hope to provide the youth delegates with UTE T-shirts, briefcases, pens, pins, key chains, Owner’s Manuals, Achievement Books, as well as, their observer kits.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.