Political Action Committee

Minutes of the Political Action Committee

November 2, 2006

Ottawa, ON

Participants: Kent MacDonald, Chairperson
Nick Stein, Co-Chairperson
Annette Melanson, Local Presidents’ Representative
  1. Primary MP List- The Committee reviewed and updated the Primary MP List for the Locals, adding the Summerside Local, and removing the MP for London North Centre until after the November 27/06 by-election.
  1. BOM List/Action- The Committee reviewed and updated the list of Agency Board of Management members.  The Chairperson of the Committee will ask the National President to write a letter to the 3 Opposition Party CRA critics, and refer to the response that was received by the BOM Chairperson.
  1. ERC/Counter Service Cuts- The Chairperson of the Committee will ask the National President to request a meeting with the employer to get an update of the realize and projected cost savings as a result of the ERC cuts.  The Committee will ask each Local to follow-up on the counter service, appointment-only cuts with their Primary MPs.
  1. Anti-Scab Legislation, Bill C-257- The Committee will ask each Local to follow-up this issue with their Primary MPs. If their MP voted in favour, please thank them. If their MP voted against, the Local should remind them of our position on this. The Committee will provide each Local with a 1-page fact sheet on the bill that was issued by the CLC.
  1. EI Reform- Bill C-269-The first hour of debate was Sept 21/06. The second hour is scheduled for Nov 6/06, then it will have second vote and be referred to Parliamentary Committee. The PAC will ask each Local to ask their Primary MP to support this legislation, as it is an extremely important and relevant issue to our term population.
  1. Radio Advertisements- The Committee was asked to investigate radio ads re the ERC campaign. The Committee reviewed some costings that were provided by Louise Laporte of the PSAC and does not feel that advertising by radio is cost-effective at this point.
  1. Federal By-Elections, Nov 27/06-There are 2 federal by-elections coming up in London North Centre and Repentigny. The Committee will email the 2 respective RVP’s to ask if any member in either of those 2 ridings is interested in working on the NDP Campaign. If so, the Committee will make a proposal to the PSAC for funding. The Committee will re-issue our list of questions to ask federal candidates from the Jan 23/06 election.
  1. Web Map-The Committee reviewed a website that appears to have a lot of the information that the PAC would like to have (how’dtheyvote.ca). The Committee discussed the possibility with the UTE Webmaster and the Chairperson of the Committee will ask the National President to speak to the Webmaster about working on this.
  1. Municipal Elections-are scheduled for Nov 13/06 in Ontario. The Committee has received some information on this from the OFL and the Ontario REVP. The Committee placed, in each of the UTE mail slots of the 20 Ontario Locals, a copy of the Ontario REVP’s covering letter, a list of endorsed candidates, and a list of questions for the candidates.
  1. Visitor Rebate Cuts- The Committee wishes to acknowledge the work done by the Summerside Local in contacting their local and federal politicians re the proposed cuts to the Visitor Rebate Program. Their political action in this regard received national, as well as local press. The PAC Local President’s Representative will contact the Summerside Local President and offer the PAC’s assistance to the Local in this endeavour.
  1.  Terms of Reference-The Committee drafted its Terms of Reference and discussed a Committee Logo.