Well-Being Committee

Report of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

December 2007

Jerry Dee Item 11(d)

Our committee had a conference call on October 2nd and a conference call with the employer later that day. We also met on October 16th and with the employer for the annual business meeting on October 17th.

The subject of all these events was the DRAFT EAP Evaluation Report. Everything is under confined consultation at this time. The Evaluation is part of the ongoing review of the program. We, the Headquarter and the Program Evaluation Section have questioned the validity of some of the report’s recommendations. After input was received from all sectors, the Headquarter Office has contacted the Consultant to insure that all information is accurate in the final DRAFT.

The guest speaker at the business meeting was a Dr. Rick Csiernik from the University of Western Ontario. He went into the history of EAP and spoke at length of various models. Not too surprisingly, he referred to a model which basically mirrored our program. This program he referred to as the Cadillac model.

There was also strong support from the Advisory Committee for the program as it is.

As of writing this report we have not yet received the final Draft of the consultant’s report.

The Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet next on November 27th.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Dee
Chairperson of the Committee