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MARCH 2003

Chris Aylward Item 11(e)

The committee met on January 19th to review and finalize the material for
the regional conferences, a conference agenda is attached. All conferences
have now been confirmed with respect to dates, hotels and participating regions.

A memo dated January 24th announcing all three regional conferences has caused
some confusion with respect to registering of participants. This memo was only
an announcement of the conferences and should not be considered a call letter
for registration. A call letter will be distributed to all locals regarding
their respective conference for the registration of participants, deadline
for registration etc. in advance of the conference taking place.

National Policy Committee

The National Policy committee met on February 6th and an agenda for that meeting
is attached and minutes will be distributed when available.

De-Tax (Tax Protesters)

A meeting was held on Jan. 9th, 2003 with employer representatives to discuss
a tax protesters campaign. In attendance from PSAC were Sisters Turmel and
Bannon, Brothers Jelly, Aylward, Moran and Lefebvre, from the employer Dan
Tucker, Rod Quiney, Patricia Ballytyne, Sydney Genge and Leon Page.

The employer outlined a number of initiatives that have been carried out over
the past two years including the placement of Rod Quiney into the position
of Deputy Assistant Commisioner responsible for the tax protesters group and
reporting directly to the Commissioner, constant inter-net monitoring, policy
change in not permitting of videotaping of client interviews by clients, info-zone
page solely for the purposes of tax protesters for employee information, change
in indemnification policy to allow for local directors to access legal counsel
etc.. One note of interest is the fact that the number of letters received
from individuals indicating they are exempt from paying taxes has decreased
from 500 in 2000, to 200 in 2001 and to 70 in 2002.

A lengthy discussion took
place on prosecuting individuals for making threats on the inter-net against
CCRA employees. CCRA indicated that it was very difficult to get a conviction
for anything appearing on the inter-net. They were successful in shutting
down the web site authored by one tax protestors group advocating deadly force
against CCRA employees, that web site then appeared in the U.S.. Employer representatives
at the meeting indicated that they would only prosecute a for sure win case
so that it does not set a detrimental precedent.

A discussion also took place regarding the changes required in legislation
to make it more effective in prosecuting inter-net information. To this end
it was agreed by both parties that a further meeting take place with Rod Quiney,
Dept. of Justice lawyers and PSAC lawyers to discuss further the legislation
and possible criminal charges concerning information on the inter-net.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward

Chairperson of the Committee

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