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JUNE 2006

 Kent MacDonald Item (m)

The Political Action Committee (PAC) has not met since our last report.

The community newspaper campaign trial took place starting the week of
April 1st..  The following communities and newspapers were chosen:

London – The Londoner

Thunder Bay – The Source

Ottawa – All “The News” editions

Chicoutimi/Jonquiere – Réveil

Rouyn-Noranda – Citoyen

Kelowna – Capital News

Lethbridge – Southern Sun Times

Regina – Sun Community News

St.John’s – The Express

In London, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, and Rouyn-Noranda, the locals reported
that they had no feedback on the ads. In Lethbridge, one individual called
his/her MP’s office upon seeing our ad, which prompted the MP’s
office to call the TSO Director. In Jonquiere, the TC Director contacted
the local as the CRA used the same paper to advertise a job posting. Our
ad was on the reverse side of the job posting. Regina, during the April
26 plant gate, a number of people mentioned they saw the ad in the paper.
In Kelowna and St. John’s, the local media picked the ad as a news
story. The local newspaper in Kelowna spoke with Sister Redd and in St
.John’s, a local radio did a live interview with Sister Cassidy.

At the committee’s next meeting, we will be evaluating the cost
benefit of this type of activity to make a decision if we should do it


The Post Card plant gate of April 26th has produced some positive results.
(See the attached chart.)  Along with the work done by the local,
we distributed over two thousand cards at the PSAC Convention, collecting
over six hundred signed cards that were mailed.

The committee has been made aware that two MP’s have sent letters
of acknowledgement to those individuals who signed cards, attaching a letter
that was sent to the Minister of Revenue Carol Skelton. The Committee has
asked that each local meet with their primary and secondary MP’s
as soon as possible.      

The majority of the Canada Revenue Agency Board of Management has been
sent contact letters from members of the Executive Council.  (See
the attached letter from the Board Chair, Connie Roveto.) 

The Committee has established a list of, for lack of a better word, “Important” MP’s.

This list is made up of:

  1. The four Party Leaders.
  2. The Revenue Minister and the three party critics.
  3. The Labour Minister and the three party critics. 
  4. The Treasury Board Minister and the three party critics.
  5. The Finance Minister and the three party critics.

The committee has sent all of the above first contact letters.

Prior to sending the letter, Sister Bannon did meet with Minister Skelton.
The committee has received responses to our letters from the following:

  1. The Prime Minister’s Office has been in contact with Sister Bannon.
  2. Gilles Duceppe responded in writing and turned our letter over to the
    Revenue Critic, Robert Bouchard, who in turn has contacted the National
    Office to set-up a meeting.
  3. J.P. Blackburn Minister of Labour, sent an acknowledgement.
  4. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, sent an acknowledgement.
  5. Bill Blaikie and Judy Wasylycia-Leis’ offices made phone calls
    acknowledging receipt of the letter.
  6. A combination of our letter and the work done by Brother Jim Phillips
    (London) and his MP Irene Mathyssen, had NDP Revenue Critic David Christopherson’s
    office contacting our National Office. We were provided with a petition
    regarding maintaining staffing levels in Client Service that we had signed
    at the PSAC Convention. The petition with over 500 signatures was sent
    back and was to be read in the House of Commons.



Respectfully submitted.


Kent MacDonald

Chair of the Committee


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