Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

March 2013

Adam Jackson

The Committee met in Ottawa December 18 and 19, 2012.  In attendance were Adam Jackson (Chair), Jamie vanSydenborgh (Co-chair), Dave Lanthier (President’s Rep), Annette Melanson.

The Committee discussed the upcoming President’s Conference and at the need to hold a rally, and to arrange a workshop on Lobbying and Speaking with MPs.  A rally will be held on March 21st in Ottawa, and Ian Capstick from MediaStyle will be conducting the presentation.

The committee also deliberated over our requirements for registration with the Commissioner of Lobbying.  This was found not to be necessary by the definition of a “lobbyist”.

The committee concurred that all correspondence between the National President and the Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency should include copies to all of the Board of Management so that they also know our issues.

The committee prepared and released a response to the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report on public servant salaries.

The committee came up with the following recommendations subject to approval by council regarding the Political Action fund and the Political Action Committee Terms of Reference respectively:

Recommendation #1:

Be it resolved that the Guidelines for Funding for Political Action / Campaigns be amended as follows:

Guidelines for Funding for Political Action/ Campaigns

The Guidelines apply to requests to conduct Political Action or Campaigns submitted by a UTE   Local, a Region, Executive Council or the National Office.


  1.  A Local, a Region, Executive Council or the National Office may request funding to conduct a Political Action or Campaign.
  2. To request funding, a “proposal for funding” shall be submitted. The proposal should include:
    1. type of event/campaign;
    2. objective of the event/ campaign, including targeted audiences;
    3. date/timeline of the event/campaign;
    4. location of the event/campaign;
    5. estimate of number of members attending, if applicable;
    6. budget for the event/campaign;
    7. amount requested;
    8. an outline of how the event or campaign is UTE specific;
    9. the name and the contact information of 1 (one) direct contact person.
  3. The requester shall forward the proposal to UTE’s National President and 1st National Vice-President. If the requester is a Local, the request shall be forwarded to their RVP, who will forward it to the National President and 1st National Vice-President.
  4. All proposals must get prior approval by both the National President and the 1st National Vice-President before the event occurs.
  5.  An advance may be requested by the submitting body prior to the event taking place. Such requests are subject to approval by both the National President and the 1st National   Vice-President.
  6. Within thirty days of the event/ campaign, the requester shall provide a report to the National President on how well the event/campaign went and an accounting of all monies spent, including receipts for reimbursement.
  7. Budget for the event/campaign should include, but not limited to, costs for travel, translation, loss of salary, per diems, rentals, materials, etc.

Recommendation # 2:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Terms of Reference for the UTE Standing Political Action Committee be amended as follows:

Terms of Reference

The committee shall consist of:

  • Two national officers, of which one shall be appointed chairperson
  • One member elected by the Local Presidents


As mandated by the 2005 UTE National Triennial Convention, UTE will have a standing Political Action Committee to deal with matters of political action that affects its members, including:

  • The Committee will be charged with coordinating political campaigns, lobbying, and the issuance of press releases as authorized to assist the National Office and the Locals in matters of political interest;
  • The Committee will discuss UTE’s and the members’ involvement in federal, provincial and municipal elections.
  • At the request of the Executive Council or the National President, the Committee shall organize rallys, protests, political manifestations, and other such activities at national events where UTE activists are gathered.


The Committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson, with the approval of the National President. Meetings shall normally be held 3 (three) times per year. One of those meetings should ideally be held on the eve and the day following any federal budget announcements.

Respectfully submitted,

Adam Jackson
Chair of the Committee