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Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The Committee has not met since my last report. However, the Committee
is scheduled to meet in Ottawa Sept 24-25/06 and this will include a meeting
of the Joint CRA-UTE National WFA Committee.

The Committee and Staff Advisor met twice with HQ in July in regards to
the WFA announcement on the T2 Bar Coding. As a result of this initiative
an additional 146 UTE members were declared affected. These members are
employed in all of the 6 Taxation Centres in the CRA. The Chair advised
all RVPs of this and requested that they ensure that there would be union
representation at both the regional and locals briefings on this initiative,
which was done.

The Chair and Technical Advisor also met in 3 live and telecom meetings
in a consultative forum on what the CRA is calling WFA Approach and Guidelines.
These guidelines are meant for management, staff relations and unions.
As well an all employee memo was to be sent via CRA e-mail. While some
of our requests were included in the final document sent to the field,
the employer still maintained their position on two important issues. These
are the usage of Permanent Lateral Moves (PLMs) versus Reasonable Job Offers
(RJOs) and the CRA’s continued refusal to abide by the PSLRB decision
dealing with equivalency (4% vs 6%). At the national meetings UTE requested
that regional and local briefings include union representation. We were
advised that this would be left up to management at the regional and local
levels. As of the writing of this report we can only wait to see how this
was done. At the Committee meeting scheduled for September 25th, a bulletin
will be completed and sent to the all Locals and Council on this topic.
It should be made clear that while the employer is calling this something
new, it is nothing more than the employer’s opinion of how to apply
the WFAA. A presentation will also be made at the September Presidents

As of the writing of this report according to our records there are currently
between 1100 and 1300 UTE affected by WFA.

At the June/06 UTE-CRA NUMC we received a commitment for the employer
that they would “ENSURE” that regional and local joint WFA
Committees would be set up.


Respectfully submitted,


Nick Stein

Chair of the Committee

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