Daily Convention Highlights - July 23rd

July 23, 2021

Our fifth day of convention opened with 163 delegates, 134 observers, 13 Life Members, 1 Honorary Member and 14 guests.  Sister Ingrid Ritums proceeded with a point of privilege and spoke of the unmarked graves of indigenous children that had been found, including some not far from where she is.  She also mentioned that companies are exploiting aboriginal art and orange shirts and that we should endeavour to purchase these items from reputable sources.  One such is orangeshirtday.org.

The By-Laws Resolutions Committee was called up and continued with their resolutions of non-concurrence.  Resolution 419 resolved to have the Honours and Awards committee establish a reward gift for certain milestone years.  The committee’s recommendation of non-concurrence was carried.  Resolution 406 would automatically make call centres, stand-alone locals.  The committee’s recommendation of non-concurrence was carried.  The next two resolutions, 407 and 408 resolved to have the regional vice-president attend membership appreciation events.  The committee supported resolution 409 instead.  The committee’s recommendation of non-concurrence on 407 and 408 was carried.

The Bargaining Resolutions Committee was called up to continue with their non-concurrence resolutions.  Resolutions 203a and 203b were both ruled out of order by the National President as only the National President and the National office can provide instruction to staff. 

The Finance Resolutions Committee was called up to continue with their non-concurrence resolutions.  The first, Resolution 103 resolved to reduce the union dues.  While the resolution was initially ruled in order by the National President, since we have already adopted resolution 102 which resolved that we have no dues increase, resolution 103 is now declared out of order. Resolution 104 resolved to promote carpooling by providing a carpooling bonus.  The committee’s recommendation of non-concurrence was carried.

After lunch, the credential committee reported 163 delegates, 134 observers, 13 Life Members, 1 Honorary Member and 14 guests.

The Chair of the Nominations Committee, Betty Bannon explained the nomination and voting procedures.  She introduced the other members of the committee, Jean Bergeron and Marcel Bertrand. The results were as follows.

Election Results: Convention 2021

Results for UTE National President and Vice-Presidents are as follows:

National President:
Marc Brière (acclaimed)

First National Vice-President:
Doug Gaetz (acclaimed)

Second National Vice-President:
Adam Jackson (acclaimed)

Results for UTE Regional Vice-Presidents and Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents are as follows:

Atlantic Region:
Regional Vice-President: Brian Oldford
Alternate Regional Vice-president:  Darlene Bembridge

Quebec Region:
Regional Vice-President:  Jérôme Martel
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Marc-André Gobeil

Montreal Region:
Regional Vice-President: Eddy Aristil
Alternate Regional Vice-President:  Kristine Leclerc

National Capital Region:
Regional Vice-President: David Lanthier
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Richard Weintrager

Prairie Region:
Regional Vice-President: Gary Esslinger
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Wanda Dufty

Rocky Mountains Region:
Regional Vice-President: Greg Krokosh
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Trixie Gorzo

Pacific Region:
Regional Vice-President: Kimberley Koch
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Sharon Cowie

Northern and Eastern Ontario Region:
Regional Vice-President: Cosimo Crupi
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Chris Foucault

Greater Toronto Region:
Regional Vice-President: Andria Cullen
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Selby Hewitt

Southwestern Ontario Region:
Regional Vice-President: Jamie vanSydenborgh
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Jennifer MacPherson

National President Marc Brière thanked the technicians at Encore Canada, the interpreters, Electronic Language Communications (ELC), the UTE staff and all the participants including the Life and Honorary Members and the guests.  He congratulated all the successful candidates.  He thanked the outgoing RVPs, Ken Bye and Linda Koenders.  He also thanked his family, especially his spouse. 

Daily Convention Highlights