Daily Convention Highlights – August 19

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Our final day of the Convention opened with 188 delegates, 14 guests, 12 Life and Honorary Members, 88 observers and 15 staff members.

The By-Laws Committee was called up.  Both Resolutions 407 and 417 were sent back to the committee with instruction. 

The Bargaining Resolutions Committee was called up to deal with Resolution 201 which would submit to the PSAC National Convention that in-person voting shall be the preferred option. The recommendation of concurrence was carried.

The By-Laws Committee was called up. Resolution 419 increases the number of Executive Council meetings alternate RVPs may attend.  The recommendation of concurrence was carried. Resolutions 410 and 409 which give the Alternate RVP the same treatment as the RVP when they are replacing them were both carried.

After lunch, the Credentials Committee reported 188 delegates, 14 guests, 12 Life and Honorary Members, 88 observers and 15 staff members.

The Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Jean Bergeron gave instructions on the elections process.  He began the elections of the three national positions.  For the position of National President, there were two members who offered:  Adam Jackson and Marc Brière.  Marc Brière was elected. Doug Gaetz was acclaimed to the position of 1st Vice-president and Adam Jackson was acclaimed to the position of 2nd Vice-president. 

Following the oath of office, the By-Laws Committee was called back up.  They dealt with resolution 407 which was defeated and 417 which was carried.  Resolution 411 which allows for all EO committee members to attend all regional EO conferences, was carried unanimously.   Resolution 412 which adds an extra day to regional EO conferences was carried unanimously. Resolution 422 which would provide a salary top-up for RVPs was defeated.  

Election Results: Convention 2023

Results for UTE National President and Vice-Presidents are as follows:

National President:  
Marc Brière

First Vice-President:  
Doug Gaetz (acclaimed)

Second Vice-President:  
Adam Jackson (acclaimed)

Results for UTE Regional Vice-Presidents and Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents are as follows:

Atlantic Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Brian Oldford  
Alternate Regional Vice-president:  Darlene Bembridge

Quebec Region:  
Regional Vice-President:  Jérôme Martel  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Julien Nobert 

Montreal Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Eddy Aristil  
Alternate Regional Vice-President:  Claude Flamand

National Capital Region:  
Regional Vice-President: David Lanthier  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Tracy Marcotte

Prairie Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Gary Esslinger  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Wanda Dufty

Rocky Mountains Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Kevin Welgush  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Trixie Gorzo

Pacific Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Kimberley Koch  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Heather Kenny

Northern and Eastern Ontario Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Cosimo Crupi  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Chris Foucault

Greater Toronto Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Patricia Sleczkowski 
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Pattrell Jones

Southwestern Ontario Region:  
Regional Vice-President: Jamie vanSydenborgh  
Alternate Regional Vice-President: Jennifer MacPherson