Convention Information Bulletin Number 1

March 6, 2023

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A good number of delegates to our Triennial Convention in August 2023 will probably be attending a convention for the first time.  They may be somewhat vague about convention proceedings and programs and perhaps are uncertain as to the objectives of the convention.

The fundamental principle on which our union is based is the democratic right of the membership to debate and decide its own directions, priorities and goals and to develop rules on how to conduct its business.  The vehicle for doing so is the convention.

Between now and convention time, we shall attempt to provide you with some information about convention proceedings, the role of delegates and observers, the purpose of conventions, etc.  Delegates and observers to the convention should make it a point to read these bulletins as we hope they will help them to become familiar with convention proceedings and enable them to fully participate.  You may wish to contact your PSAC Regional Office in order to determine if they will be holding convention courses during the coming months.  We encourage delegates and observers to attend these courses, if available.

Some of the subjects we will deal in our series of Convention Information Bulletins are: the Convention, Convention Business, the Convention Delegate, the Convention Resolution, the Convention Chairperson, the Convention Committees, the Convention Elections, and the Observer.

Between now and convention time, we hope that the information we provide will prove useful and will make for a more fruitful convention.