PSAC's fight for public services in a Conservative majority era

June 1, 2011


BECAUSE on May 2, 2011, Canadians elected a majority government with 167 Conservative MPs and an official opposition of 103 New Democratic Party MPs; and

BECAUSE in his capacity as Prime Minister under a minority government over the last five years, Stephen Harper eliminated federal programs, cut funding to many others and to non-governmental organizations doing important human rights and advocacy work, sold off federal government assets, and championed privatization and de-regulation, resulting in a loss of public assets and public services that Canadians count on and deserve; and

BECAUSE a majority Conservative government has the potential to eviscerate public services, reduce public service employment levels and attack the collective bargained and legislative rights of PSAC members; and

BECAUSE the new federal government provides us significant challenges but also with opportunities for action; and

BECAUSE delegates at two PSAC Regional Conventions held to date unanimously adopted emergency resolutions calling on the PSAC to develop an action plan in the wake of a Conservative majority government:

THE PSAC NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILL approve an expenditure of up to $1 million dollars on a comprehensive emergency Action Plan to fight against cuts to public services in the wake of a Conservative majority government.  This expenditure will be paid for, to the extent possible, from the existing budget, with the possibility of drawing up to $500,000 in each of 2011 and 2012 from the Membership Asset Fund; and

THE PSAC NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILL endorse and fully engage in this Action Plan; and 

THE ACTION PLAN WILL include the establishment of an ongoing communication and action network of PSAC and its federal sector Components so that together, we can analyze, evaluate and collectively react to impacts of the program and operational reviews and the measures announced in the June 6th federal budget; and

THE ACTION PLAN WILL be centered on membership engagement and mobilization activities, complemented by political lobbying, communications and other initiatives designed to promote the value of federal public services and the workers who deliver them.  This includes taking action to counter the anti-worker’s agenda of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.