Collective Bargaining Update

October 23, 2013

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As you can see from the message below, the CRA is continuing its campaign to win over our members to their way of thinking, and stating that UTE is the reason that they do not have a collective agreement signed for CRA/PSAC employees. They are putting forward the notion that the UTE/PSAC bargaining team is not ready to meet and get this done and that we are trying to slow down the process. I have to say that is not true and we want to negotiate a fair contract but we are not willing to just say yes to their proposals without some advancements for our members.  

They do not mention that this round is being cut down to two days  due to Treasury Board and the FB Group going back to the table after the Government’s forced vote attempt was struck down by the courts,  and they were told to go back to the table and negotiate a contract.

They do not mention that for two months prior to the last round of bargaining meetings, the UTE team members asked for dates to be set to meet and negotiate and there was no reply from  CRA.

They do not state that in the year of negotiations that have taken place to date, all CRA has said is no to everything, and that their mandate is that they cannot do anything that is not the same as the other Treasury board  groups that have settled.

They do not say their type of bargaining is to keep saying no and then state that we are being unreasonable.

Please talk to your members and let them know that our team is going to continue to work hard to do the negotiating at the table, and not through emails to the members, and that we are ready to get a fair contract when they are ready to start to negotiate.

Please stand up.

In Solidarity,

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Robert Campbell
National President