Bulletin 03/10

February 18, 2010
To : Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As indicated in the minutes of our November 2009 meeting, the Staffing Committee presented a work plan to the UTE’s National President which has since been approved.  The Committee considers the implementation of the End State PQP by the Canada Revenue Agency as a major issue for our members.

The Staffing Committee will make a presentation at the next two Presidents’ Conferences.  This will include an overview and workshops on End State. 

During the Presidents’ Conference of March 2010, a presentation on the End State PQP will be made by the Staffing Committee and will be followed by a Question and Answer period.  We encourage the Locals to forward their questions and concerns on End State PQP by noon, Friday March 12, 2010 at the following address: cassidl@ute-sei.org.

The Staffing Committee will prepare a presentation and a summary of all the feedback received from the Locals during the March 2010 Presidents’ Conference which will be presented to the Executive Council in June 2010. This will include the recommendations for the workshops that will occur at the Presidents’ Conference in September 2010. These workshops will deal with End State and how it is being implemented in each of our offices and the information will be shared during the plenary.

Locals are strongly encouraged to review the CRA documents on End State prior to the March Presidents’ Conference.

We hope to gain active participation in these exercises. We encourage Locals to share with us their concerns and we will attempt to follow up on them.

In Solidarity,

Sabri Khayat
Chairperson, Staffing Committee

Note: Members should not send their questions to Sister Cassidy directly. Please contact your Local.