Stand up for the future of our pensions, the future of our bargaining and the future of our pay system

February 20, 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

Our recent bargaining win has reminded us of the incredible power we have when we stand together.  That win meant that each of us has thousands of dollars more now and will also grow future salary increases even faster for us and for future members.

Now is the time to use that united strength again to stand up for the future of our pensions, the future of our bargaining and the future of our pay system.

The UTE Executive Council recently met with the Minister of National Revenue, Diane Lebouthillier, where these issues were discussed at length.

Your Union of Taxation Employees Political Action Committee is asking you to visit your Member of Parliament and lobby them on these issues that are critical to you and your future retirement security.

These issues include lobbying MPs so:

  • We go back to bargaining directly with CRA where we had the greatest successes and most timely contracts;
  • We make sure they don’t move forward with legislation that threatens our stable retirement income and makes our retirement riskier when we can least afford it; and
  • They fix Phoenix now.

To that end, we have attached speaking notes on these issues and helpful information on effective lobbying of elected officials from the Canadian Labour Congress.

Last but not least, please remind your MP that we continue to await to hear whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the challenge to Bill C-10 which rolled back our negotiated and agreed upon wage increases for 2011.

Thank you for your lobbying efforts on these issues and for continuing to stand up for yourself and your union brothers and sisters.

In Solidarity,


Chair: Jamie vanSydenborgh; Co-Chair: Cosimo Crupi
Local Presidents’ Representative: Brad Feraday; Staff Advisor: Annette Melanson


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