By-Laws Committee

Minutes of the By-Laws Committee Meeting

January 15, 2003

The purpose of the meeting was to review the Policy and Procedures Manual in respect to resolution 458 from the 2002 convention. The committee will meet prior to the June 2003 council meeting to review executive council minutes for the same purpose.

The committee reviewed the Policy and Procedures Manual and as a result of this review makes the following recommendations.

Recommendation 1

That the following resolutions from the Policy and Procedures manual be included in a resolution of record regulation. This regulation would not be numbered and would be named "Resolutions of Record" and would be an appendix to the regulations.


Recommendations arising out of the review of the financial statements:

  1. More documentation available to delegates in advance of a Convention as follows:
    1. statements showing the budget, actual and variance amounts with reasons for the differences
    2. list of accounts and groupings that relate to the Financial Statements
    3. more analysis such as Grievance and Appeal costs in relation to wages, per diem, transportation, etc.
    4. more analysis of the overall total travel, hotel, etc. in relation to account groupings.
  2. Increase rational for budgetary items (inflation, assumptions)
  3. More commentary by the internal auditors
  4. Written policy on reimbursement of expenses
  5. Review of all expense claims paid by a least two elected officials (Vice-president for Finance and the other on a rotating basis)
  6. More consistent order re Financial Statements and budget
  7. Regional Conference budget allocation

Adopted July 1984
Reaffirmed July 1987


Be it resolved that resolutions that are specific bargaining demands will not be dealt with at triennial conventions.

Adopted July 1981


Whereas an overwhelming majority of evidence indicates that smoke, both second-hand and side-stream, adversely affects non-smoking members; and

Whereas many members suffer from allergies, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments, which conditions are aggravated by smoke; and

Whereas cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke impart an objectionable odour to all materials and substances with which it comes in contact causing increased dry cleaning costs as well as various other inconveniences to non-smokers; and

Whereas cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke hinders the full participation, in certain activities, of the non-smoking members who represent the majority:

Be it resolved that all meetings of the Union including but not limited to: Regional Conferences, Conventions, Union Committee meetings, Executive Council meetings and Presidents' Conferences be designated non-smoking;

Be it further resolved that in order to accommodate smokers appropriate breaks be incorporated; through the planning process, in the aforementioned meetings; conventions and conferences.

Adopted July 1987


Be it resolved that the Executive Council have the authority between Conventions to reallocate budgeted amounts as required.

Adopted July 1990


Be it resolved that U.T.E. investigate and where possible, adopt policies and practices which would help to curb the destruction of our environment.

Adopted September 1990


Be it resolved that each Local take into consideration the representation of its women members in choosing its delegates.

 Adopted September 1990


 Whereas the Equal Opportunities Committee is responsible for responding to concerns and addressing needs of women, people of racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, lesbians and gay men, and native people; and

Whereas the amount of work to be done in these areas is considerable:

Be it resolved that the number of members on the Equal Opportunities Committee be increased to at least six and not greater than eight members;

Be it further resolved that the designated groups be represented on the committee;

Be it further resolved that the Equal Opportunities Committee meet as a whole, at least four times a year.

Adopted July 1993


Whereas PSAC and UTE have a number of challenged members who have difficulty in participating in union activities; and

Whereas due to lack of local funds these members do not receive adequate communication and access to union activities:

Be it resolved that UTE set up a fund of $5000 in order to assist locals to provide adequate communication and access for these challenged members;

Adopted July 1993


WHEREAS the concept of Equal Opportunities Conferences is to sensitize members and create awareness;

WHEREAS larger locals have a larger budget to assist their financing to these events:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Equal Opportunities Committee in consultation with the National President be able to transfer funds from those locals which do not utilize the full benefit of their financing to another local.

Adopted July 1996


WHEREAS we are made to feel as if we are imposing ourselves on everyone because of our disabilities, be it diabetic, mobility, sight impaired:

BE IT RESOLVED at future conferences and conventions, caucus held for members with disabilities, accommodation must be made in recognition for the need for dietary requirements, medication, mobility assistance, etc. (i.e. diabetics, brain tumour - require medication with or after scheduled meals).

Adopted July 1996


WHEREAS the health and safety of our members concerns all of us;

WHEREAS some facilities used for union functions have not been adapted to all our members needs;

WHEREAS the accessibility to organized functions is sometimes restricted to those persons with disabilities:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT UTE complete a pre-assessment for accessibility of all facilities and technical aids required prior to the booking of a UTE sponsored event;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the pre-assessment be completed in consultation with the representative for the people with disabilities on the UTE Equal Opportunities Committee.

Adopted July 1996


WHEREAS the availability of alternate media is not widely publicized within the membership;

WHEREAS it is our responsibility as Unionists to ensure all of our members are able to obtain Union publications in a media form acceptable to them (i.e. large print, braille, audio, computer diskette):

BE IT RESOLVED THAT UTE provide information and publications in alternate format to its members identified on the PSAC list.

Adopted July 1996


WHEREAS the membership wants to be part of the process to make change, and;

WHEREAS UTE often requests local input via bulletins on various issues:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT UTE encourage all locals to contact their members (ie. Standing committees, membership meetings, surveys) before replying to an input call.

Adopted July 1996


Be it resolved that the President shall take necessary step to ensure that members of the Executive Council obtain the required leave to carry out the business of the Union.

Adopted July 1984


Be it resolved that the President of U.T.E. obtain from PSAC and Revenue Canada, Taxation official responses in both languages to its bilingual requests without the translation having to be done by U.T.E.

Adopted September 1992


Whereas all members should be able to rely on the By-Laws and Regulations provided to them in their mother tongue;

Whereas there are known discrepancies in the translation of those By-Laws and Regulations;

Whereas the National Office is currently reviewing both the English and French editions to identify and correct all discrepancies in translation:

Be it resolved that no member should be made to suffer in any way for his reliance on the wording of the By-Laws and Regulations printed in his mother tongue;

Be it further resolved that once a discrepancy has been identified, that discrepancy shall be corrected to reflect the wording of the original By-Law or Regulation as it was debated and adopted;

Be it further resolved that the National Office provide the members with notification of both the discrepancy and the corrected wording and that such notification be considered to be binding on all members from the date of that notification.

Adopted September 1988  


Whereas several persons comment on the way the President's Conference is operating and that such comments could be useful to improve future conferences;

Be it resolved that the National President bring to the Executive Council meeting following the President's Conference all evaluations received and that a compilation and/or summary of such be prepared for purposes of analysis by the Executive Council so that all suggested improvements be made, as necessary.

Adopted March 1998

Recommendation 2

That the following resolutions be removed. The reason for removing the following is that they already exist in a regulation.


Be it resolved that all locals must obtain advanced permission from the Union before hiring a lawyer if the Union will be requested to pay for legal fees.

Adopted March 1985


Be it resolved that the 2nd National Vice-President can attend as an observer one meeting of the National Board of Directors each year without taking into account the possibility of having to replace the 1st Vice-President.

Adopted December 1991



Whereas there are many members who wish to serve on National committees; and

Whereas there is no regulation or by-law stipulating the term of the appointment; and

Whereas the appointments have previously been for three-year terms; and

Whereas circumstances change and the committee members elected by the Presidents' Conference could no longer be participating in union activities for a variety of reasons; and

Whereas Executive Council members who leave the Council no longer remain on committees:

Be it resolved that the term of the nominee from the Presidents' Conference to national committees be one year subject to renewal.

Adopted September 1987

Recommendation 3

That the following resolutions be rescinded as they do not exist anywhere and are not applicable to the organization.


Whereas there are numerous issues and events of concern to female and disabled members, information on which in many cases is not made available to such members;

Whereas the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Committee of the Union of Taxation Employees requires an effective way of communicating information to and receiving information from these members:

Be it resolved that an Equal Opportunities Newsletter be sent, on a monthly basis, from the Union Office to the E.O. Coordinator/Representative in every local.

Adopted July 1987


Be it resolved that regional conferences on equal opportunities be jointly planned and organized by the UTE Equal Opportunities Committee and the RVP's of respective regions.

Adopted July 1999


Be it resolved that all Regional Vice-Presidents be given the opportunity to attend a National Board of Directors' meeting once during their current term of office regardless of the location of the National Board of Directors' meeting;

Be it further resolved that this be a meeting of the Regional Vice-President's choice with prior approval of the National President.

Adopted March 1985


Be it resolved that the Chairperson of the applicable Union Committees designate a representative to attend the corresponding PSAC In-House Committee meetings;

Be it further resolved that this representative report back to the applicable Union Committee.

Adopted June 1985


Be it resolved that the Union of Taxation Employees prepares one year in advance of each Convention, a document that will contain all policy papers and resolutions of record passed at a Convention.

Adopted July 1984

If the above recommendations are approved by the executive council the Policy and Procedures Manual will be revised by the By-Laws committee and distributed.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward

Chairperson of the Committee