Health and Safety Committee

Temperatures in Office Buildings

June 27, 2003
TO:     Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

Subject: Temperatures in Office Buildings

It is the time of year where some offices seem to experience problems with the environmental conditions in the office. CCRA Policy “Use and Occupancy of Buildings” deals with office temperature (Appendix A).

To answer some of the questions as to when the operations shall be stopped and employees released, please refer to paragraph 1.2 (b) where it says that unsatisfactory condition is deemed to exist when:

  • the humidex reading exceeds 40 or when the air temperature (dry bulb) falls below 17° or
  • if instrumentation capable of accurately measuring humidex is not practically available within one hour of a complaint being made, a temperature of 29° or above shall be considered unsatisfactory

Uncomfortable and ideal ranges of temperatures are also explained in the Appendix A and a copy is enclosed for your referral.

This policy is also available on the info zone (Employee corner / On the job / CCRA Labour Relations / Management Policies (NJC replacements) / Use and Occupancy of Buildings.
In Solidarity,

Chris Aylward
Health and Safety Committee