Health and Safety Committee

UTE Regional Health and Safety Conference – Calgary

February 24, 2010


Local Presidents:  Regina, Winnipeg T.S.O., Winnipeg T.C., Winnipeg C.C.S.C., Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Northern B.C./Yukon, Kelowna, Burnaby Fraser, Penticton, Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey T.C., Burnaby Fraser C.C., Hamilton, Kitchener, St. Catharines, London and Windsor, Shawn Bergeron, Terry Dupuis, Pamela Abbott, Nick Stein

RE: UTE Regional Health and Safety Conference – Calgary

The Conference for the Prairie, Rocky Mountains, Pacific and South Western Ontario regions is being held in Calgary.

DATE:  April 23-25, 2010




Friday: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Location to follow)
Saturday:   8:30 AM – 9:00 AM (Doll/Herald)

Friday: 7:00 PM  //  Saturday: 5:00 PM  (Location to follow)

Saturday:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  //  Sunday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM  (Doll/Herald)

NOTE:  Participants must remain at the conference until noon.

LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Calgary
700 Centre Street South
Calgary, Alberta T2G 5P6
Telephone:  (403) 537-4407

On line only at the following link

Deadline date is March 16, 2010

THEME AND OBJECTIVES:  “A Balanced Approach to Health and Safety”

To provide the participants with the tools to be effective workplace committee members

  • By providing practical situation scenarios and finding solutions
  • By providing information on current health and safety issues
  • By providing a more global approach to Health and Safety

Copy of the agenda will follow.


Participants have to be members of a local workplace health and safety committee or a Health and Safety representative as per Section 136.(1) of the Canada Labour Code - Part II.  In respect to the conference agenda and objectives, we are encouraging locals to send members who have not attended previous conferences.

Participants are required to bring a copy of the Canada Labour Code - Part II.


UTE will fund one participant from each workplace health and safety committee. 
Your local entitlement is as follows:

Regina 1 
Winnipeg T.S.O. 3
Winnipeg T.C.  2
Winnipeg C.C.S.C.  1
Calgary  3
Edmonton 1
Lethbridge 1
Saskatoon 1
Northern B.C./Yukon  1
Kelowna  1
Burnaby Fraser  1
Penticton 1
Vancouver  5
Victoria 1
Surrey T C.  1
Burnaby Fraser C.C. 1
Hamilton  2
Kitchener 2
St. Catharines  1
London  1
Windsor 1

The funding will include:

Per diem: 3 days (cheques sent directly to the participants)
Hotel: Paid directly by UTE
Family Care Expenses: Is available (see UTE Regulation 17 for details)
Loss of wages: If applicable (see below)


(1) UTE shall reimburse reasonable loss of wages required for union business authorized by UTE.  For travel by air the reasonable loss of wages required shall depend on the proximity of the nearest airport and the frequency of departing flights and any connecting flights.  This time will vary from none to one day, with one day being the exception to the rule.
(2) If members have been authorized by the President or designate to travel by means other than by air then reasonable loss of wages required to have the member arrive at the destination at a reasonable hour will be reimbursed.
 (3) If a member chooses to travel by means other than by air, and where air travel is more timely, only reasonable loss of wages that would be for air travel shall be reimbursed.
(4) All members are expected to schedule their travel arrangements in a manner that they shall not incur any expenses that are either unreasonable or not required.

Please send requests for additional travel time directly to Pierre Mulvhihill at

Travel:   Cheques will be sent directly to the local.

Locals may send additional participants at their own expense.  These participants should have a basic knowledge of health and safety.

All UTE events are scent free.

In Solidarity,

Chris Aylward
UTE Health and Safety Committee

c.c. Executive Council
Alt. Regional Vice-Presidents