Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

April 14, 2003

In Attendance; Bob Campbell, Sabri Khayat, Barry Melanson and Brent Fournier

The Meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m. by Brother Campbell.

The following agenda was proposed and approved:

1. Review of previous minutes
2. Magazine/Newsletter report.
3. New Members Kit
4. Meeting with Sister Bannon regarding Committee Mandate
5. Discussion of UTE-SEI Website
6. Committee Recommendations


The committee reviewed the 14 website items that were referred for recommendation to the National President and the Executive Council. The committee was unsure as to the status of the recommendations. This item was deferred to item five of the agenda.


Brother Khayat advised that he had met with the company, SERVACO, and that at the present time they are not able to consider a National Magazine. There are not sufficient national advertisers presently available to address the costing. Servaco will be able to cost a National Magazine for our information within 30 days. Brother Khayat will advise the Chair upon receipt of the costing.

As directed by the National President, the committee reviewed the concept of a national newsletter - magazine and is making the following recommendations:

  • A national publication be developed.
  • It will be issued three times a year; April, September and December.
  • It shall be in a bilingual format.
  • It shall be produced with a glossy cover and regular bond paper.
  • It will be mailed to all members.
  • It will be developed and produced by the Communication Committee.

The following is an estimated costing for the publication based on information provided by the PSAC Print Shop:

Service Per Issue Annual
Printing $ 8,000 $24,000
Postage $22,000 $66,000
Envelopes $ 1,200 $ 3,600
Translation $ 3,000 $ 9,000

The following resolution will be forwarded to Council.

Where as it has become self evident that the Union of Taxation Employees is in need of a national newsletter.

Be it resolved that the Union of Taxation Employees publish a National news letter three times a year in the months of April, September and December. That it be produced in a bilingual format.

Be it further resolved that the newsletter be mailed directly to all UTE members.

Be it further resolved that the UTE Standing Communication Committee be responsible for the publishing of the newsletter.


The Committee reviewed the recommendations received from the Executive Council and recommends that the following attachment become the New Member’s Kit. Included will be a generic business card with a blank space to allow insertion of the Local President’s name and phone number.

Item (4) Meeting with Sister Bannon regarding the Committee’s Mandate.

Sister Bannon clarified the intent and scope of the mandate and responsibilities of the committee. A general discussion on the topic ensued.


Sister Bannon and Brother Mike Lefebvre joined the meeting.
There is a new web site in development off line. The current live web site is to be only maintained until a person is hired to look after the new web site. It is not known at this time as to when a person will be hired, whether full time or part time or to the extent of their duties. The Committee will make no further recommendations on the website at this time, we will wait until the new site is up and operating.

Item (6) Committee Recommendations

The following action plan for the newsletter was developed.
Resolution to Executive Council developed and submitted as attached.
Lead time requirements for translation, printing, collating, and mailing, will be investigated by Brother Fournier.
If the resolution is endorsed:
The Committee will meet June 23-26 in Ottawa to complete a draft publication.
The draft will be issued to Executive Council and to all local Presidents to review and critique.

The Committee will meet August 11-14 to review critiques, action suggestions, and finalize the first issue for production.

The Committee adjourned at 16:30 hours.