Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

November 2006

The Committee met in Ottawa from November 15th to the 17th with the following members in attendance:  Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Bob Campbell and Susan Duncan.

The Committee prepared December’s newsletter for publication and discussed the results from the newsletter questionnaire which was published in September’s newsletter.

The Committee analysed the information from the questionnaire and found that:

  • The frequency of the newsletter meets the needs of the members and that if we need another issue that we have their go ahead
  • The current size and format meets the needs of the respondents.
  • We are on the right track with our selection of topics and most readers are interested or very interested in our main topics.
  • We should re-do the same questionnaire next year so that we can compare years.

We occasionally receive letters to the editor which are too long for our newsletter.  The Committee will bring this up with the President to see if these might be used on the website instead.

We drew the name for our UTE Jacket winner.  Sister Marcia Stahl of the Lethbridge Local is the winner.

We discussed submitted items including the possibility of a chat room for committees.  The Chair will discuss this with the IT Officer, the Web/Communications Officer and the National President.

Bob Campbell
Committee Chairperson