Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

March 2011

The Committee met in Ottawa at the National UTE Office from March 28th to March 30th, 2011.  All members were in attendance: Brothers Barry Melanson and Sabri Khayat, Sister Susan Duncan and the Chair of the Committee, Brother Bob Campbell.
The Committee prepared the April 2011 Union News for publication.

1. Articles needing approval

A member requested that changes made to submitted articles be approved by the author. 

We edit for grammar, length and accuracy while trying to maintain intent.  Given the timeframe of the Committee’s meeting, we cannot consult with the author. 

The Committee reserves the right to edit any submission.

2. Staffing/Corporate History

As part of a discussion on information on the web, a discussion was held on corporate history/memory.  The vision was for a two sections, one for the members which would cover basic information, the other would be an internal repository of corporate history and backgrounders. 
Examples of items that could be documented:  reasons why we don’t support referral agents; why we don’t support adding more steps to pay rates; etc.

The suggestion was made by Brother Khayat who will take it to Sister Bannon.