Employee Assistance Program

Minutes of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

November 2, 2005

Attendance:   Jerry Dee
                        Linda Cassidy
                        Hector Walters
                        Lina Ruel

The committee met to review all outstanding items to be discussed at the National EAP Advisory committee scheduled for the next day.  Some of the items discussed were:

  • Revised Mandate of the National EAP Advisory Committee
  • EAP Promotional Strategy
  • EAP Annual Report
  • June Business Meeting

EAP and Regional Union-management Consultation

The committee would like EAP to be a standing item at every RUMC. Only by keeping the Regions involved and being informed of the regional EAP activities that we will be able to do the necessary changes to the Program.  We would also like the RVP’s to encourage their local executive members to request the EAP workshop for Union and Management.

Referral Agents

The committee discussed restating UTE’s position on Referral Agents and sending it out to all Locals. We also discussed trying to get management on board with our position.  It makes sense that management should not be approving Union representatives as Referral Agents.

EAP Survey Questionnaire (May 2005)

The committee reviewed the results of the survey.  In general, the Program seems to be working very well and the committees meet on a regular basis.  There was no outstanding issue that the committee has to pursue.

National EAP Conference

We are proposing that the national conference be held in Ottawa from November 17-19, 2006 with delegates arriving on the 16th. The committee felt that the target audience at the conference should be the UTE Representatives on the Local EAP committees. We also discussed the agenda for the conference and will approach EAP HQ and the Coordinator Counselors about delivering some of the workshops.