Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

August 25-27, 2002


Nick Stein (Chair)
Dave Shaw
Marcel Bertrand
Pierre Mulvihill
Margie Hancock


  1. Review of minutes from previous meeting.
  2. Review of meeting with employer June 24, 2002 .
  3. Review of draft affected letter.
  4. Review of CCRA Preferred Status Directive.
  5. PSSRB – Update on decision(s) & status of current requests.
  6. E-File Coordinators (National)
  7. Virtual Tape Technology (Headquarters)
  8. Client Service Delivery Model ( SW Ontario – Greater Toronto )
  9. Warehouse Rationalization Project (National)
  10. Prairie Region Audit Function (Prairie)
  11. Administrative Assistants TSOs ( Quebec – Montreal – Atlantic )
  12. Assessment & Collections Training Division (Headquarters)
  13. Compensation Service Delivery (National)
  14. Non-Filer/Non-Registrant (National)


August 25th 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
August 26th 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
August 27th 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Committee reviewed the Minutes of its last meeting of February 2002. None
The Committee reviewed the minutes of the meeting of June 24, 2002 with the employer. None
The Committee reviewed the draft WFA affected letter prepared by the employer. A letter from Brother Stein to be sent to the employer with a suggested change. Brother Mulvihill
The Committee dealt with the issue of the CCRA Preferred Status Directive. A letter from Brother Stein to be sent to the employer requesting a copy of the most recent version of the draft and a meeting to be scheduled to discuss the Policy. Brother Mulvihill
The Committee discussed the current status of the cases at the Public Service Staff Relations Board. One case was currently set for mediation and we would request that the case go directly to a hearing. As well, Brothers Stein and Mulvihill will schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of the Section to discuss the process to follow for further cases. Brother Mulvihill
The E-File coordinators case was all but finalized in our favor. We are awaiting the decision at this time and what happened to the employees. Brother Mulvihill
The Virtual Tape Technology Section WFA situation is complete. The employees have all been dealt with as per the WFA Directive. None
Brother Stein updated the WFA situation in the London TSO Client Services Unit. Brother Stein
The Committee reviewed the documents for the WFA situation for Warehouses and Forms Call Centers . It was clear that this WFA situation would require a close analysis at all times to ensure that the WFA Appendix is properly applied. Committee
Brother Stein will write to the employer to request the consultant’s report concerning the above referred to situation and to advise that we believe this is a relocation situation. Brother Stein
Brother Mulvihill updated the Committee as to the most recent development concerning the Prairie Region Audit Function WFA situation. Brother Mulvihill would find out what the current situation was as a result of the third level grievance hearing. Brother Mulvihill
The Committee reviewed the WFA situation for administrative assistants in Quebec and Atlantic . Brother Bertrand was to enquire as to what exactly had occurred to the employees in Quebec and Sister Hancock to the employee in the Atlantic. Brother Bertrand
Sister Hancock
Brother Mulvihill updated the Committee on the WFA situation in Assessment and Collections Training Division. He will contact the affected member to update the Committee. Brother Mulvihill
The Committee discussed the Compensation Service Delivery situation. The employer was reviewing the service and Brother Mulvihill will contact the employer to get an update. Brother Mulvihill
The Committee discussed the Non Filer/Non Registrant situation and a follow up letter will be sent to the employer from Brother Stein. Brother Mulvihill