Workforce Adjustment Committee

Minutes of the Workforce Adjustment Committee

April 20-21, 2005


Nick Stein Chair
Marcel Bertrand Co-chair
John Kosiba TC Representative
Doug Gaetz TSO Representative
Pierre Mulvihill Technical Officer


  1. National Workforce Adjustment (WFA) Joint Committee -Terms of Reference
  2. Kreway Decision
  3. Budget & Expenditure Review Exercise
  4. Intelligent Inserters
  5. Appeals – NORO
  6. Client Services Halifax
  7. Sudbury TC
  8. Round Table


April 20 - 13h30 to 17h00
April 21 - 13h30 to 17h00



National (WFA) Joint Committee – Terms of Reference  
The committee reviewed the Terms of Reference received from the Employer and compared them to the Terms of Reference prepared by the Committee that had been sent to the Employer. The Committee identified some changes that would be submitted at the first National WFA Joint Committee meeting. Brothers Stein and Mulvihill
Kreway Decision  
The Union News of April 2005 published Brother Mulvihill’s article dealing with the Kreway decision.
The Committee decided to prepare a chart showing what positions are equivalent (6%) to each other, as per the Kreway decision.
Brothers Kosiba and Mulvihill
Budget and Expenditure Review Exercise  
Brother Mulvihill updated the Committee that there had not been the required acknowledgement from the Employer to the Policy grievance filed as a result of the Budget and Expenditure Review Exercise. As well UTE would be proceeding with the grievance as per the relevant sections of the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA). Brother Mulvihill
The Committee discussed the impacts of the decisions made by the Employer following the budget in relation to the WFA and would follow the situation closely. The committee
The Committee also compiled the information received from our locals to confirm the “real” numbers of members impacted by this exercise. Brother Gaetz
Intelligent Inserters  
The Committee reviewed the WFA letter from the employer to Sister Bannon which included the list of affected members at the Ottawa Technology Centre (OTC) and the Winnipeg Tax Centre (WTC) as well as the surplus letter and reasonable job offer letter to the members. Brother Mulvihill updated the Committee on what had occurred at the OTC:
1. RJO letter issued before the surplus letter was issued.
2. The Employer refused the request of the Local President to call a meeting of the Local WFA Committee.
3. There would be at least one grievance that the job offer was not reasonable.
No action
Appeal – NORO  
The Employer has advised UTE that since this is a pilot project, WFA does not apply. The members should be advised of their rights and a letter identifying our concerns will be sent to the Employer. Brothers Stein and Mulvihill
Client Services - Halifax  
The Committee reviewed the WFA letter from the Employer to Sister Bannon which included the list of affected employees as well as the Employer’s WFA deck that was given to them. This notice was sent almost a year after the fact but this situation was clarified by Brother Gaetz. A review of the deck identified concerns that we would attempt to resolve at the first National WFA Joint Committee meeting. As well, this document will be reviewed for a possible Policy grievance. Brothers Stein and Mulvihill
Sudbury TC  
Brother Kosiba updated the Committee on the current situation and grievances filed as well as the RVP interventions. Brother Mulvihill clarified that a Policy grievance had to be filed by the bargaining agent and was not available to elected officials. No action
Round Table  
The Committee discussed other items such as notice of production work units and the Commissioner’s cross Canada Tour. No action