Equal Opportunities Committee

Report of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee

December 2008

Shawn Bergeron Item 11(f)

The EO committee chairpersons and Local President's representative met on November 19-22, 2008.

The committee received 27 applications of which 9 applicants were former members or alternates of the committee.  We did not receive applications from 34 locals. Certainly there will be discussions with the new committee on improvements to the process.  

Recommendation 1:

Moved by:                  Shawn Bergeron
Seconded by:            Robin Johnson

Be it resolved that the following persons be selected as the Committee Members:

Visible Minority

Sharon Fletcher – Member 
Paul Andre Charles – Alternate      
Zakia Shaffi – 2nd Alternate

Persons with Disability

Debbie Willet - Member      
Colleen Adie - Alternate
Graham Pah – 2nd Alternate


Gesine Fuchs – Member                
Marcelle Perron - Alternate
Angela Marafon – 2nd Alternate


Elizabeth Convery - Member
Jacques Marengere - Alternate
Mary Ellen Caza- 2nd Alternate


Terra Brown - Member
Luc Tailleur - Alternate
Lyne Lafrenière - 2nd Alternate

Thank you and best wishes to the out-going members of the committee: Brenda Pack, Joe Parris, Loree-Ann Huard, Dana Kelly for their involvement and dedication.   We look forward to their continued leadership and support to all Equity and Union matters.   We certainly ask that they continue to provide their concerns and feedback on Equity matters and the organizing of the Equity Conferences

Recommendation 2:

Moved by:                  Shawn Bergeron
Seconded by:            Robin Johnson

Be it Resolved that the Regional and National EO Conferences sites and dates be the following, subject to booking:
Atlantic - NCR   June 26-28/09  - Location St. John's NF  - min delegates 28

Que - MTL  Aug 28-30/09 - Location - Quebec City - min delegates 22

Ontario (GTR, NEO and SWO) September 25-27/09   Location - Niagara - min delegates 30

Pacific - Rocky Mtn - Prairie  October 23-25/09  Location - Edmonton - min delegates 30

National Conference - June 17-20, 2010 - Ottawa

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Bergeron
Chair of the Committee