Executive Committee


Executive Committee



Betty Bannon Item 10

The Committee met October 23, 24 and 25,
2002. The following were the agenda items dealt with:

  • UTE Scholarship
  • Regulation 4 Convention Committees
  • PSAC Constitution Section 17 Sub-section (7)
  • UTE Membership Questionnaire
  • UMC Process Agreement
  • Local Recruitment/Development Course
  • Website
  • Youth Involvement

UTE Scholarship

The Committee reviewed the documents used for the PSAC Scholarships and
after discussion developed a document for approval of the UTE Honours and
Awards Committee. The Honours and Awards Committee should table the final
document to the Executive Council for their approval.

Regulation 4 Convention Committees

The Committee held a discussion on whether or not to recommend a change
to Regulation 4 – Convention Committees regarding the number of committees,
structure of the committees etc. It was agreed that this would be a “Discussion
Item” at the December Executive Council meeting.

PSAC Constitution Section 17 Sub-section (7):

The Committee agrees that the UTE should have something similar to Section
17 Sub-section (7) of the PSAC Constitution in the By-laws. However, since
all By-law changes must be done by the Convention the Committee recommends
the following to be added to the UTE Regulations:

Recommendation 1:

All matters and resolutions not dealt with by the Convention shall be
referred to the Executive Council who will consider and act upon such unfinished
business before the conclusion of the second regular meeting of the Executive
Council following the Convention. The disposition of all Convention matters
and resolutions by the Executive Council shall be published and shall include
reasons for all decisions, shall include recorded votes on all decisions
and shall be distributed to all Convention delegates.

UTE Membership Questionnaire:

The Committee had a very large discussion on the issues surrounding the
distribution of the questionnaire prior to the development of the questionnaire
and it was agreed that:

  • The questionnaire would be for the entire 100% of the membership
  • The President would request permission from the CCRA to distribute
    the questionnaire on site by local representatives
  • The questionnaire would be mailed directly to the members
    if permission to distribute at the worksite was denied by the CCRA and
    a few extra copies would be sent to all locals
  • There will have to be a “selling” period prior
    to the questionnaire being distributed. In this effort all levels of
    the UTE would be utilized (National, Regional and Local).
  • Printing of the document would be done Nationally and then
    sent to or picked up by each local

The committee also worked on the premise that there are two reasons to
issue a survey. To substantiate what you believe you know and to acquire
new information.

The Committee then developed the membership questionnaire and is recommending
its approval as attached as Recommendation 2 (Appendix A).

UMC Process Agreement:

The Committee reviewed our current Agreement, the CEUDA and PIPSC Agreements.
It was decided that we would take our current agreement and bring it up
to date. The Committee also believed that the attendance of the Commissioner
and Regional Assistant Commissioners was an issue of great importance to
include in the document. We also agreed to attach to the Agreement as an
Appendix, the leave letter granting time with pay for the attendees. We
agreed that we would follow through with that leave for Regional UMCs and
Regional or National Committee meetings. There was also discussion surrounding
the issue of having “Standing Items” at all level of UMC meetings.
A list should be established by the Executive Council and reviewed from
time to time.

Local Recruitment/Development Course:

A discussion was held specifically as to the roll out of the Local Recruitment/
Development course, as well as, UTE education in general. The Committee
expects that the Council will be providing input into an action plan on
both education in general, local development actions and courses, while
at the retreat. The President was requested to have ready for the December
Executive Council meeting a tentative schedule for completion of the Local
Recruitment/ Development course for presentation to the Executive Council
and Alternate RVP’s. The Committee will report further during the
Council meeting.


The President referred to the resolution that was passed at the Convention
and the website and the hiring of someone. The President and 1st National
Vice President obtained a hiring document from the Alliance and revamped
it to suit the UTE for a Term Position to start with. The document was
turned over to the Chair of the Staffing Committee, as stipulated by the
Convention resolution. The Chair of the Staffing Committee was asked to
report back to the President with the results of the Staffing Committee
deliberations on this issue.

Youth Involvement:

For clarity, the term “youth” means any individual who is
30 years of age or younger. In order to do something constructive to help
encourage “youth” to become active in the UTE the Committee
recommends the following:

Recommendation 3:

That the UTE fund one youth member, as an individual, from each local
to attend the February President’s Conference as an observer

That a caucus of the youth be held during the Conference.

Moved by: Betty Bannon

Seconded by: Denis Lalancette

Appendix “A”

Recommendation 2:

That the following questionnaire be approved for distribution to the general

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Bannon

Chairperson of the Committee

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