Health and Safety Committee

Report of the Health and Safety Committee

June 2010

Chris Aylward Item 11(e)

The three Regional Conferences are now completed and all went well. I want to thank all the participants, council members and National Office Staff who all contributed to successful conferences. The introduction of a Healthy Living Speaker went extremely well and we have secured a very well known speaker on this subject for the National Conference – Roslyn Franken.

Following the Calgary Conference the Committee met and prepared a draft agenda for the National Conference.  The Conference will be primarily workshops on Indoor Air Quality, Disability Insurance, Workplace Insurance and Compensation and Legal Trends in Health and Safety. There will also be a presentation from the employer on the Illness and Injury Policy – Managers Tool.

The Chair attended the National Ceremony on Day of Mourning in Ottawa April 28. The Chair has also attended several meetings with the employer on issues including Pandemic Plans, AED’s and Health Services contract.


AED’s: A presentation by the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) was scheduled in Ottawa for March 25th on the benefits of AED’s that presentation was cancelled by HSF. At the time of writing this report (May 11) it is hopeful that another presentation will be scheduled before the June 2nd NHSPC meeting.

Multiple Environment Job Hazard Analysis; Jobs in the following sections will be reviewed; Mailroom, Warehousing,  Call Centers, Print To Mail, Tax Center Program Areas, General Office Environment and Information Technology. The process of identifying what jobs has begun with representatives from the respective branches involved. It is expected that the length of time to complete this project will be two years.

Regulation XX – Violence Prevention Regulation; It is expected that the employer will have a formal policy on this regulation in the very near future.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Aylward
Chair of the Committee