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MARCH 2002

Kent MacDonald Item 11(a)

The committee has not met since our last report.

Brothers O’Brien, Little and Kosiba attend what we were led to believe
was an ACS/MG Classification Standard information session Jan 08-10. Unfortunately
it was a session on the ACS Standard and was not that useful.

Sister Cassidy, Brother O’Brien and I attend a meeting on Jan.15th
with the employer on National Work Descriptions in Finance and Administration.
Bottom line, there are approximately 50 national work descriptions in F&A
and by the end of the project there will be 28 or 29 work descriptions.

We discussed the current situation with existing classification grievances
on current F&A work descriptions. The employer agreed to have the F&A
branch and Staff Relation Branch review the existing grievances in light
of the current rewrites to see if any of the outstanding issues may have
been resolved. The Regional F&A managers were meeting the end of January
to review the status of this project. A follow-up meeting was scheduled
for March 5th but had to be re-scheduled with a date to be confirmed.

Sister Cassidy and I attended an all Union ACS-MG meeting on Feb 19th.
Firstly, the employer has yet to contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission
to see if the ACS-MG standard complies with the CHRA. From the discussion
with the employer it doesn’t look like it is going to happen any
time soon. Secondly, the employer informed the Unions that 130 additional
positions (250 employees) have been identified as MG positions. If the
contract is ratified then these employees will receive their Advanced Personal
Notification (APN) at the same time as everyone in the MG gets the Official
Employee Notification (OEN) in mid April.

Finally, much discussion took place surrounding the Classification Grievance
Process. The employer is currently brainstorming with the unions as to
looking at a different, hopefully better, way to deal with Job Content
and Classification grievances. Both the PSAC and PIPSC have submitted initial
positions in writing and future meetings will be scheduled.

Respectfully submitted,

Kent MacDonald

Chairperson of the Committee

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