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Kent MacDonald Item 11(a)

The committee has not met since our last report.

Since our last report there has been some follow-up on a few outstanding

It was agreed to extend the MG MOU until the end of the year to allow
the employer to complete their review of all the submission that were submitted
on be half of our members.

Sister Cassidy, Brother O’Brien and I attended a presentation on
the CCRA On-Line Application System and were assured that it should only
be mandatory in offices that members have adequate access to the Infozone.

A meeting was held with Head Office Finance & Administration and Classification
Branches on the National Work Descriptions for F&A. As a result of
our consultations the employer is continuing to move towards National Work
Descriptions in F & A. To date the employer has provided us with a
list of positions that will be converted into national work descriptions.
In addition to reviewing the proposed Work Description list the employer
also reviewed the status of all the F & A Classification and Job Content
grievances linked to the applicable job descriptions. Our next meeting
is scheduled for April 1, 2003 .

The Classification Branch has been consulting with us as to possible changes
to the Grievance Procedures on Job Content Grievances. The employer has
the following proposal on the table and I am looking for feedback from
the members of the Executive Council.

1) For Regional or HQ job:

The Regional or HQ AC at third level would be considered the final level.
The regional /HQ union representative would provide representation on the
issues as this is a regional/HQ matter.

2) National Jobs:

The Functional AC at third level would be considered the final level.
The national office would provide representation on the issues.

Respectfully submitted,

Kent MacDonald,

Chairperson of the Committee

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