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Kent MacDonald Item 11(a)

The committee has not met since our last report.

Sister Cassidy and I have met with the employer on the development of
the ACS-SP Standard on August 31, 2005. Reports on ACS-SP
will continue to be reported as appendix
to the Staffing Committee Report.

As reported in June Committee Report. The CRA has appointed a Competency
Based Human Resources Management Advisory Committee (CBHRMAC) to oversee
the competency based staffing regime, amongst other things.

The new focus of the CBHRMAC is the Agency’s new Observe and
Attest Initiative which is aimed at allowing managers and Team Leaders
to observe employees’ performance and attesting that employees
either meet or do not meet the threshold levels for Client Services Orientation
(CSO), Effective Interactive Communication (EIC) and Teamwork and Cooperation
(T&C).  The Agency expects that most employees will be able
to meet the levels required for their jobs.  For those employees
found not to demonstrate the required levels, the necessary support will
be provided to assist them in their development.  Members of the
MG Group will be required to meet the threshold levels for Conflict Management,
Team Leadership and Developing Others before they are trained and authorized
to Observe and Attest the aforementioned (CSO,EIR,T&C) competencies
for their employees.  Those members of the MG Group who do not meet
the threshold levels and are therefore not authorized to Observe and
Attest will be assisted in their development.

Based on the information provided at our last meeting, training for
managers and Team Leaders will commence in the fall of 2006. The employer
has invited the union to attend the first pilot “Manager Training
Session – Observe and Attest” June 21-22, 2005.

I attended the above mentioned pilot along with CEUDA, PIPSC and cross
section managers and individuals from Head Office. The purpose was to take
the session and provide feedback for improvement. The session as has been
adjusted as per the input from the June session and they will be rolling
out the session for Directors/AD’s/Manager this fall, with training
for team leaders to commence spring of 2006 at the earliest. 



Respectfully submitted,

Kent MacDonald,

Chairperson of the Committee


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