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Linda Cassidy  Item 11(a)

The committee met July 4th to 7th and the minutes of
the meeting
distributed to council and the locals. As discussed in the minutes the
Agency agrees that the human resources and the management group communities
need training as soon as possible with respect to the short format work
descriptions.  The locals have submitted the names of the SP Contacts
and the RVP’s will be asked to reaffirm this list at their Regional
Caucuses.  In the interim the employer has continued to send job descriptions
for our review and Sister Gardiner and Brother Lachapelle continue to review
them on our behalf.

The issue of the Audit Ranges was discussed with the employer and several
memos and bulletins have been issued on this topic. Brother O’Brien
has not yet been successful in getting a definitive answer from the PSAC
on the Classification concerns and what impact this may have. As additional
information becomes available it will be shared immediately with Council
and the Locals.  To date several locals have had consultation grievances
as well as acting pay grievances filed in their locals. Locals are being
asked to have these grievances heard at every level of the process.

A meeting was scheduled with the Staffing Recourse Sub Committee on September
13, 2006 to discuss the employers response on the concerns raised by UTE
and PIPSC.  Sister Abbott and I attended this meeting along with Sister
Bannon and Brother O’Brien.  A verbal report will be provided
at Council.

A meeting is also scheduled for September 25th with Guy Proulx of Revenue
Collections to discuss the outcome of the various pilots and the combination
of functions in the division.  A summary of this meeting will be translated
and sent out to Councils and the Locals.



Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cassidy,

Chairperson of the Committee

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