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Nick Stein Item 11(h)

The committee met in Ottawa August 24-27/02 and a copy of the agenda is
attached. At the time of preparation of the report (August 21/02) the minutes
of the above noted meeting
were not complete.

The chair and staff advisor met with the employer June 24/02 to discuss
the employer’s interpretation of the WFAA, the recent PSSRB decision
and the 4th level grievance replies on this subject. There is hope the
employer understands the Union position better but only time will tell
if in fact this is the case.

It has become apparent to the committee that the employer has initiated
several WFA situations across the country that will have an effect on our
members. There is an urgent need for all UTE reps to understand the obligations
in the collective agreement dealing with workforce situations. Our members
in the field are now receiving affected letters as a result of various
employer actions and we all must be there for our members to ensure them
that this is a right under the collective agreement when the employer declares
a WFA situation.

A member receiving an affected letter "DOES NOT" mean the member
will be laid off. It means that the work they are currently doing is being
eliminated for various reasons. Their rights by receiving an affected letter
are much improved if they did not get this notice.

Locals must immediately set up local WFA joint committees with the employer
to ensure that every effort will be made to place the members in their
current workplace. There is no guarantee that our members will remain in
their current job but there should be assurance that they can be placed
in a job at their equivalent level or salaried protected at a lower level.

The PSSRB has ruled in our favour and this must be enforced or further
action(s) must be considered against the employer. The employer has agreed
to a declaratory judgment in another recent PSSRB case. This basically
means that the employer has conceded to the Union’s charges.

The committee will be asking the regions to strictly adhere to the terms
and conditions of the WFAA on a consistent basis. We can no longer accept
the employer’s position that they will "take care" of our
members. The committee will be monitoring all WFA situations across the
country with the assistance of the RVPs and the UTE National Office.

There is no more important issue to our members than job/employment security
and it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that our members’ rights
are protected.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the
committee, Marcel Bertrand council rep, Dave Shaw presidents rep, Margie
Hancock TC rep and Pierre Mulvihill staff advisor for their work over the
last year. Hopefully, they will have the opportunity to continue on the
committee if they choose.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein,

Chair of the Committee

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