Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee Terms of Reference


The committee shall consist of:

  • Two national officers, of which one shall be appointed chairperson
  • One member elected by the Local Presidents


As mandated by the 2005 UTE National Triennial Convention, UTE will have a standing Political Action Committee to deal with matters of political action that affects its members, including:

  • The Committee will be charged with coordinating political campaigns, lobbying, and the issuance of press releases as authorized to assist the National Office and the Locals in matters of political interest;
  • The Committee will discuss UTE’s and the members’ involvement in federal, provincial and municipal elections.
  • At the request of the Executive Council or the National President, the Committee shall organize rallys, protests, political manifestations, and other such activities at national events where UTE activists are gathered.


The Committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson, with the approval of the National President. Meetings shall normally be held 3 (three) times per year. One of those meetings should ideally be held on the eve and the day following any federal budget announcements.

March 2013